A light will never go out when you light a thousand moreHope Blooms
Hannah.jpgThe foundation began shortly after losing our daughter, Hannah, in December 2010 at 21 years of age. We are surrounded by loving family and friends, who showed up and stayed with us through this horrible tragedy. They recognized immediately that if we did not find a way to give Hannah a voice, to somehow do something positive, we wouldn’t survive this. They loved Hannah so much and knew what she would expect of us, to do something positive in the mist of such sadness.

Hannah died of a horrible accident. A bad choice, a lapse in judgment. She ingested a prescription narcotic that did not belong to her, along with alcohol, fell asleep and quit breathing. That is the truth. The end. How she died doesn’t change who she was. A beautiful soul. I choose to share pieces of our story with you because I realize people make up stories when they don’t know the truth. She was an incredible person, everything you could hope for in a child. She gave more love than I ever knew possible. She always put her family first and adored her grandpas. She was smart, a smart ass, funny, loving, courageous, dedicated, dependable, hard working, honest; a beautiful soul. I must have said a thousand times throughout her life “Hannah, you have the soul of an angel” She was not perfect, flawed like we all are, but to us she was everything.

So we push forward to find meaning, to make sense, to somehow balance out an unbalanced world. Grief is a very personal and lonely journey that no one can do with you. This foundation gives us something positive to work toward. To pull ourselves out of the darkness for a little while. To focus on other beautiful people who have been less fortunate. To simply make a small difference in someone's life. Most importantly to show her little brother Nash, that Hannah’s enduring qualities live on in all of us. Hannah lived a life, traveled the world, loved with her whole heart, gave back, made her family so happy; she lived a life and for that life we are forever grateful.
Anne Frank said “love is stronger than hate” for us this is so true. Love is what has saved us.


Mission Statement:
Moved by a joyous soul our mission is to have a positive impact in the world through promoting physical and spiritual health of young individuals. Our programs and scholarships will carry on the enduring qualities of Hannah Rachel O'Harra-Brown. Laughter, love of life and family, and a strong belief in individual self worth. Our goal is to give hope and with hope inspire individuals to bloom.